George Oshan

Many know me as an Engineer, but few know that diving made me an Inventor.

I have always loved adventure trips and exploring, and the ocean gives these wonderful activities a whole new meaning.

Since I was young I´ve had the privilege of sharing adventures with friends that are ocean lovers, who taught me about fishing, sailing, and the handling of a ship with all its responsibilities and safety measures.

Thanks to these experiences I have shared trips and the ocean itself, in a way that I have never been only a spectator, but a part of it, an organizer and even the protagonist.

I´ve always aimed to organize and arrange my equipment in a better way, but when I tried the GoPro diving, I felt something was missing. Looking for a solution to the lack of light and steadiness is how I came to design the Video Diving System.

This process hasn´t been short nor easy, but there are people that have joined the team along the way who have seen the potential of Video Diving System.

I invite you to join this project so we can turn the VDS into a wonderful and very useful reality.

Meet the team behind the Video Diving System



The NEOS (Business Incubator) team from UTM (Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana).

The NEOS team from UTM is a higher education Institution with social recognition, it is a model in education and academic updating for University Technicians, and in the offering of technological services in México´s Southeast.

The partnering with NEOS has been of great support in the professional making of the project, goal settings and strategic approach.

Also as a strategic alliance, we have partnered with Stampi Tech, designers and producers of molds and products, they have embraced my project as one of their own and have provided all the necessary technological support to better the original idea of the Video Diving System.-

Both alliances have made the original idea become a beautiful and practical reality.


Following the business plan that NEOS created for me, my team and my 9 inventions, I founded a new company called Marine Products de Mexico. This new company practices the same values I have instilled in my team for the past 15 years; honesty and innovation as a  must.

Landy, who is a Bachelor in Business Administration, has been my administrative chief for seven years, and now Laura, who recently started modeling for our videos, joined us as our graphic designer.