What is Video Diving System?

Are you tired of holding your GoPro or Smartphone while Diving just to get those awful videos? Do you want to get the best shots or videos without worrying about dropping or losing you GoPro?

How many times have you been on a diving trip? You´ve got everything ready to get in the water and take the best pictures and videos ever, and when you get back out you realize the quality of the images is terrible! Out of focus, blurry, too dim, and so on.

Or maybe you need to document an underwater research job in which you had to spend a lot of money to guarantee the quality of your shots.

Not anymore! With Video Diving System you don´t need to become an octopus with a lot of free hands nor spend lots of money to get great underwater or above-the-surface shots, because now you are in control.

I am a Civil Engineer but diving made me an inventor. As an independent inventor, I have created and designed some products, but nothing can be done alone, so I went back to college and asked for some help. Together we redesigned the new Video Diving System; the new self-balancing stabilizer for diving cameras and accessories.

Now you can shoot videos and pictures like a professional with your GoPro, smartphone or any other two cameras together.

What benefits can I get with a VDS

bajo precio

Low cost


Easy to use

adaptable a varias camaras

You can attach any kind of Smartphone, photographic or video camera

ma nos libres

It can be attached to the user providing free use of both hands and better mobility underwater



facil transporte

Compact size easy to carry

How can I use it?


How can I become a part of it and make this Project a reality?

I have the solution, but I can only bring this product to life with your help. I invite you to join this project so we can turn the VDS into a wonderful and very useful reality.

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